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DropShipping Italia

by Nautimarket Europe srl

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33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro




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To become a dropshipper, all you have to do is sign up in nautimarket europe as a regular customer by filling in the COMPANY, PI CF AND ELECTRONIC INVOICE CODE fields. Once this is done, send an email to: requesting the application of the dropshipping price list (in the email, please give a brief description of the company)

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Then as soon as this has been done, write an email to: asking to become a dropshipper by attaching a copy of the company registration and a list of e-commerce sites or marketplaces where you intend to publish the products. (this procedure is necessary to separate the real dealers from private individuals). Our staff will quickly evaluate your company and if you have the right characteristics your account will be approved and the discounted list for resellers will be applied.

Note: No dropshipper accounts will be activated for sites that are still to be built or new ebay stores with zero feedback.